Jumpsuits have become an all-occasions fashion apparel – be it a regular day out or a casual walk on the beach or a shopping day out.

One of our readers sent us how they spent a day out in Tynemouth at King Edward’s Bay. The Longsands is the main beach at Tynemouth, but our reader – anonymous – didn’t spend their day there, but instead opted for the King Edward’s Bay that is much quieter and offers a quaint storybook feel with rock pools on one end and a sandy stretch of beach curving out to the North Sea.

Because of rather long set of steps, fewer people visit King Eddward’s Bay. When our reader reached there, flaunting this Tye Dye Printed Lagenlook Jumpsuit from Exclusive Fashions, there was a small crowd that had gathered near Riley’s Fish shack on one end of the beach. Quite a few from the crowd looked at our reader impressed with the style and some even inquired as to where did she get it from.

It is not quite swimsuit weather in the north of England yet and so our reader wore the new plus size lagenlook jumpsuit instead and accessorised it with some beachy pieces in straw and wicker.

Our reader said that the piece is without a shade of doubt the most comfortable one-piece she has owned till date. She loved the bagginess and minimal styling and it’s super easy to get in and out of. EXclusive Fashions sells quite a few of these in regular and plus sizes.

The reader adds that their trip ended in a sort of misadventure when she fell into a rock pool and got herself a huge lump on her shin – not one of her most graceful moments! Thankfully her camera lens didn’t get damaged.

She recommends visiting the King Edward’s Bay and specifically when there is a low tide as it’s a tiny cove that gets swallowed up by the sea at high tide. And keep a brush in your beach bag to sand off with before getting home.

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