Zoe Saldana has come out in support for “Titanic” director James Cameron defending what he has said asking people to read the full article before lambasting Cameron.

Cameron had said though he enjoys watching the superhero films, the world has had enough of them and people will soon get “Avengers fatigue”. Saldana said “educated intellectuals” should avoid soundbytes which are “mean-spirited”.

“My advice for people is to read full articles and not just believe a soundbite. Because usually, soundbites are very mean-spirited and they’re just done for the intention of getting more likes and more views? it’s not really with the intention of educating and informing the public,” Saldana said.

“So for all those educated intellectuals out there that like to stay current with news, just read the full article and you will understand where James Cameron was coming from. I know that all the Marvel producers did because they read it,” she added.

Saldana, 39, will be reprising her role of Neytiri in the upcoming “Avatar” movies.

Cameron is shooting all four “Avatar” films back-to-back with release dates set for 18 December 2020,17 December 2021, 20 December 2024, and 19 December 2025, respectively.

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